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Staying on top of all the moving parts of your financial life can be overwhelming.  Through our Wealth Management System, we provide you access to all of your accounts – banking, investments, credit cards – at any time.  This secure portal combines all of these accounts and provides real-time reporting on your overall financial picture.  

Financial Planning

Athletes are unique in that they earn a majority of their lifetime income very early in their lives.  Maximizing and protecting these assets are critical to navigating the “retirement” years.  We understand that an athlete’s life can change drastically overnight and believe that a financial plan should be interactive and flexible enough to keep up with the uncertainties of your career.

Cash Flow Management

By establishing a defined framework for both in season and offseason spending, we can help you put your money to work the way you want.  Our propriety system, The Cash Flow Manager, helps to define goals and earmark money for the things that matter to you.  We are not in the business of telling you NO, we are in the business of making sure you have all the information you need to make smart choices.

Risk Management

Athletes are front and center on a global stage, making you a prime target for unscrupulous people.  We provide an annual audit of your employer benefits, life, home, auto, and liability insurance policies to ensure that all of your “bases” are covered against the endless risks that exist in today’s world.

Tax Planning

Tax planning for athletes is an incredibly complex process that requires year-round attention.  We work hand-in-hand with your CPA to ensure that we fully understand your situation and design all of our strategies to maximize both what you make and what you keep.

Investment Management

We believe that your portfolio should drive the financial plan, not dictate its contents.  Too often, athletes are sold the idea of taking on excessive risks because they are so young and have so many years until “retirement”.  We, however, fully understand the life cycle of athletes and the fact that most are out of the game before the age of 40, leaving a significant portion of their lives to fund with their career earnings.  We will help you understand this income gap and design an investment strategy that is appropriate for your situation.

Estate Planning

The thought of passing away early is not something any of us care to consider.  The importance of doing so, however, cannot be understated.  Ignoring the manner with which your estate will be passed to the next generation can have disastrous consequences in both financial and family terms.  We can help to ensure that all the things you have worked so many years to earn are protected and transfer to the next generation in a manner that suits your desires.